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CLIPBOARD : Livestock Larceny

January 10, 1991

Though it may not be rustling in the way we normally think it, livestock theft is not an activity unknown in urbanized Orange County. In 1989 (the most recent complete year for which information is available) the value of stolen animals doubled from the previous year, reaching almost $20,000. That was much lower, however, than in 1987, when the five-year trend hit a high point. Here's what that wildly fluctuating trend looks like:

1990: $8,295

1987: $87,886


In 1989, Yorba Linda was the scene of the highest stakes livestock losses. Nearly $8,000 worth of critters disappeared. That was more than twice as much in the second-ranked city, San Juan Capistrano. Here are the five cities that lost the most to livestock thieves:

Yorba Linda: $7,993

San Juan Capistrano: 3,000

Laguna Beach: 2,600

Buena Park: 1,428

Huntington Beach: 900 Source: California Attorney General, Bureau of Criminal Statistics

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