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High Life / A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Parents, Friends Are Top Choices for Advice-Givers

January 10, 1991

"Dear Abby" hasn't cornered the market when it comes to giving advice, as today's teen-agers are turning to many different sources when it comes time to seek assistance.

Hot Topics wonders, "When you seek out someone for advice, whom do you turn to and why?"

"When I'm not too embarrassed, I ask my parents for advice. Most of the time I end up asking my close friends because it's just a lot easier."

Michael Gross, 17,

senior, Huntington Beach

"One of my good friends because I know I can always trust them and they will always supply me with the best advice possible."

Susie Teitsworth, 15,

sophomore, St. Margaret's

"My counselor, because she knows me and she will be totally honest with me. Friends might not be truly honest."

Leigh-Anne Jones, 18,

senior, University

"If it's a substantial problem, I'll turn to a parent; with lesser problems, I go to my friends."

Amy Denton, 18,

senior, Sunny Hills

"Nine out of 10 times it's my mother because she's always right, even though at the time I may believe she's lost her noodle."

Heidi Smith, 16,

junior, Villa Park

"I usually turn to one of my teachers for advice because they can usually answer what I need to know."

Sonia Sears, 14,

freshman, Bolsa Grande

"My boyfriend because he understands and I really trust him."

Louise Nunez, 17,

senior, Cypress

"I usually go to a youth associate at my church because she's Christian and female."

Grace Elder, 17,

junior, Troy

"My sister is like a part of me, and she understands everything."

Tuyen Nguyen, 14,

freshman, Santiago

"My mom because she will tell me what I need to hear. That makes me feel better."

Marlenis Lopez, 19,

senior, Tustin

"My older brother gives me good advice because he has a lot of experience."

David Sands, 16,

sophomore, Huntington Beach

"My friends because if you go to adults, they will tell you what to do. Friends will talk with you about it."

Jane Kuo, 15,

sophomore, University

"I turn to my aunts and uncles because I can tell them the way I feel and I won't get in trouble for it."

Vanessa Tuentes, 14,

freshman, Bolsa Grande

"My mom because she knows me better than anyone. She has experienced life and encountered things that I haven't. She can keep secrets and understands me."

Lorraine Rusfrata, 16,

junior, Villa Park

"My dad or my friends."

Julia Radlick, 17,

senior, St. Margaret's

"Usually I don't turn to anyone; I try to do things by myself."

Eric Hurd, 16,

junior, Troy

"I turn to God because he is the only one I'm not embarrassed in front of."

Lita Mercado, 17,

senior, Cypress

"I go to my friends because they always give me the right advice, and my parents try to protect me too much."

Scott Denton, 16,

junior, Sunny Hills

"Dear Abby because even though her response takes longer, the advice is often more rewarding."

Kenneth Phan, 16,

junior, Santiago

"Close friends because I trust them. They are the ones who can help me the most."

Tina Campbell, 17,

junior, Tustin

"If I don't feel comfortable asking my parents for advice about certain things, I ask my friends."

Jayme Stansfield, 18,

senior, Huntington Beach

"My boyfriend because we're very close. I share all my secrets with him and I deeply trust him."

Nicolle Ferrier, 15,

sophomore, Santa Margarita

"My parents because they are grown-ups and understand more about life."

Esther Lee, 14,

freshman, University

"Mr. (George) Wilson, because I know he will listen and he's like a friend, not just a principal."

Melissa Dabalac, 14,

freshman, Bolsa Grande

"My boss because he is trusting, kind and caring, and he usually gives good advice."

Kristina Hamilton, 16,

junior, Villa Park

"I go to my sister because I know that I can trust her and she'll give me the best advice that she can. I know that I can trust her not to tell anyone."

Kim Hook, 14,

freshman, St. Margaret's

"My boyfriend because I trust him and I value his opinion."

Anna Cochrane, 14,

freshman, Sunny Hills

"My best friend because she either has just experienced it or is going through it herself, and she's more my age."

Laura Wade, 17,

junior, Tustin

"I would ask my older brother because he seems to be the person who always does the right thing."

Binh Trinh, 16,

junior, Villa Park

"My mom because I can trust her and I feel like I can talk to her about anything."

Holli Fisk, 15,

sophomore, Troy

"My friends because they're experienced."

Tauric Myrick, 16,

junior, Cypress

"My mom because she's already gone through most of what I have and she's very understanding."

Christie Skousen, 15,

sophomore, Cypress

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Responses gathered by Brandi Winemiller (Bolsa Grande), Blythe Latimer (Cypress), Michael Spivak (Huntington Beach), Brooke Lyons (St. Margaret's), Amy Mather (Santa Margarita), Hieu Phan (Santiago), Rachel Cochrane (Sunny Hills), Layne Mosler (Troy), Rachel Tuinstra (Tustin), Claudine Ko (University) and Heather Lee (Villa Park).

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