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He Won't Be Sorry if Marinovich Leaves

January 12, 1991

Top 10 reasons why I wish Todd Marinovich would leave USC:

10. After seeing a more talented quarterback (Shane Foley) wasted for two years by Larry Smith, I'd hate to see the same happen to Reggie Perry.

9. His psychological problems are a major detriment to a program that, without him, has got to be the odds-on favorite to be national champion in two years.

8. He has no class (he should have learned from Foley).

7. I'm sick and tired of hearing about his completion percentage. Traveler could have that percentage, too, throwing those worthless five-yard outs.

6. Buster Douglas can scramble better than this guy.

5. His lack of sportsmanship is an embarrassment to the program. (This isn't Miami, Todd).

4. He is far from being a positive role model.

3. I'd hate to have him inconvenienced by actually having to attend classes.

2. I have to spend more time chanting for the backup than supporting the team.

1. The John Hancock Bowl.


Newport Beach

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