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Experimental Easier Income Tax Form Being Tried Out in Texas

January 16, 1991| Associated Press

WASHINGTON — A year from now as many as 20 million Americans may be able to file their federal tax returns without making a single mathematical calculation. About 3,000 Texans are getting a shot this filing season at experimental Form 1040EZ-1.

With the new half-page form, you:

- Attach the IRS' stick-on name-and-address label.

- Fill in your Social Security number.

- Answer whether you want $1 to go to the presidential campaign fund.

- Say whether a parent can claim you as a dependent.

- List your taxable interest income.

- Attach your W2 forms provided by your employer.

- Sign and date the return.

"When we receive your information, we'll figure your tax and send you a refund in six to eight weeks, or bill you if you owe tax. We'll also send you a statement showing how we figured your tax," IRS chief Fred T. Goldberg Jr. said.

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