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ANAHEIM : City Wants Issues on State Primary Ballot

January 21, 1991|LISA MASCARO

Seeking to curb excess costs for its upcoming special elections, the city will lobby the state for permission to reschedule a city election now slated March 5 to coincide with the March 19 state primary.

The city election, which will decide four measures, was brought about by a citizens' initiative and, by law, must be held March 5. But with the state primary to fill vacancies in three legislative districts scheduled for March 19, city officials said they will request that the state pass special legislation to allow the change.

In a memo, Anaheim City Atty. Jack L. White cites the confusion two back-to-back elections may cause Anaheim voters and the costs of the elections to the city.

Gov. Pete Wilson last week set the state primary for March 19 to fill vacancies in three legislative districts, including the Anaheim district state Senate seat left empty by the appointment of John Seymour to the U.S. Senate.

The Anaheim city clerk has estimated that two special elections would cost the city $100,000, a price tag that White says would be reduced if the city election could be consolidated with the state primary.

Four issues will go before Anaheim voters during the city election. One measure will decide the fate of a citizen-sponsored, mobile-home rent control ordinance.

Two other measures involve City Council members. One opens up the mayor's race to any qualified resident, rather than just current or former council members, and the other allows council members to more than double their salaries to $1,000 monthly, the maximum the state allows for a city Anaheim's size.

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