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MISSION VIEJO : New Faces Appear on Municipal Panels

January 23, 1991|FRANK MESSINA

Several new faces were among the citizens appointed to municipal posts by the City Council.

"We encouraged people who have never been involved in city government to apply," said Councilwoman Sharon Cody, who was only recently elected to a council seat. "We're getting a fresh new look in Mission Viejo, yet there will be a good mix of holdovers, too. The city is going to be well served."

Slightly more than half the 25 commissioners that will be sitting on five municipal commissions are new to city service. The term of all commissioners is two years.

On the Planning Commission, only Joseph Lowe, an appointee of Councilman William S. Craycraft, is a holdover. New to the commission are Charles Zimmerman, who was chosen by Councilman Robert D. Breton; Susan Wilson, the choice of Councilwoman Susan Withrow; Sunny Castner, an appointee of Cody, and Sherri Butterfield, who was picked by Mayor Robert A. Curtis.

Three members of the Drug and Substance Abuse Committee, Stephen Dibble, Waneta Norton and Susan Day, are new to city service. Serving another term on the commission will be William Brand and Edward Schweizer.

Four members of the Parks and Recreation Commission will be serving another term. Returning will be Don Asay, Fred Pardes, Cheryl Knox and Alan Gallup. The newcomer to the group is Michael Bray.

On the Senior Citizens Commission, holdovers include Jack Morris, Milton Jacobson and Anna Boyce. The newcomers are Dain Sturges and Fred Flo.

The Traffic and Transportation Committee has three new members, David Holbert, Patsy Wood and Phil Lauterjung. Marilyn MacDougall and Kenneth Martin will serve another term as commissioners.

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