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Campbell Hall Will Protest Basketball Loss


Campbell Hall High will file a written protest with Delphic League officials today regarding the final moments of regulation play in last Saturday's 73-63 overtime loss to Crossroads at Santa Monica High.

On an inbounds play with the score tied, 57-57, and four seconds left in regulation, Campbell Hall threw a legal lateral pass along the baseline to a second player, who also was standing out of bounds. Apparently believing that the ball had entered play, the scoreboard operator started the clock.

The second player then threw a looping pass downcourt that landed in the hands of Austin McKellar, who wheeled and quickly stepped to the top of the key. However, an official waved his arms, signaling that time had elapsed before McKellar could put up a shot.

"It was not a judgment call," Campbell Hall Coach Joe Jackson said. "We were not given our four seconds. A guy can practically dribble the length of the floor in four seconds. McKellar took two steps."

Officials first put four seconds back on the clock and seemed poised for a replay, but after a lengthy and heated discussion they reset the clock for overtime. Jackson said one official told him that he saw the clock start early but that he was overruled by the other official.

Campbell Hall Athletic Director Kirk Duncan said he will file a report with league president Pat Brown of Brentwood High. Duncan said that Brown will decide if the matter will be reviewed by league athletic directors.

"It would be one thing if (the game officials) just came right out and said they didn't see it," said Duncan, who attended the game. "But they admitted there was an error, and it wasn't corrected."

The loss was the first for Campbell Hall (17-1, 4-1 in league play). The Vikings are ranked No. 2 in Division V by Cal-Hi Sports.

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