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Performances An Opinionated Guide : Tonight

January 31, 1991|BILL LOCEY

Expression, Vultures of Love (Charlie's, 362 California St., 648-6688) Intense and tuneful rock by Expression, while the other band's name aptly describes the action at Charlie's.

Bad Neighbors (Club Soda, 317 E. Main St., Ventura, 652-0100) Everybody's got 'em, even Club Soda.

One Love Vibration (The Brewhouse Grill, 202 State St., Santa Barbara, 963-3090) If you can get to this place, you'll hear some gnarly reggae, but the State Street construction has dragged on longer than it took Charlton Heston to build a pyramid.

Leo Downey (The Ketch, 514 State St., Santa Barbara, 564-3231) The man without sleeves performs original rock 'n' roll to the multitudes. Also Friday.

Life Talking (Carnaval Club, 634 State St., Santa Barbara, 965-8422) This is Depeche Mode style techno-pop by a band with a tape for sale too.


One Love Vibration (Charlie's) Dance real long and real slow to the reggae beat, mon.


Los Lobos, Raging Arb & The Redheads (Ventura Theatre, 26 Chestnut St., Ventura, 648-1888) It's still early, but trust me this time, this will be one of the best shows of 1991.


Jimmy Beasley, Steve Samuels Band (Alexander's, Harbor Boulevard and Spinnaker Drive, Ventura, 658-2000) This week's Blue Monday presentation.


Leo Downey Band (Big Yellow House, 108 Pierpont St., Summerland, 969-4140) The man without sleeves heads south to play the upstairs.


Blue Oyster Cult (Ventura Theatre) They've been rockin' since 1972 or so with plenty of hits. So grab that black-leather jacket, put on those work boots and get down there.

Art Carnage (Charlie's) Plenty of '60s songs on the beach.

This Ascension (Zelo, 630 State St., Santa Barbara, 966-5792) Moody new wave music for all those young depressives in black who love The Cure.

Yup, it's only rock 'n' roll, and thus, these listings are subject to change. Mom was right--call first.

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