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Can You Say Bo-bo-ryg-mology?

February 14, 1991|CHARLES PERRY

The word for the day today is boborygmology. It's our favorite medical specialty: the study of stomach rumblings.

Soup Bowl Winners

Campbell's Soup Co. reckons Americans had more than 57 million gallons of soup during January (which, as everyone knows, was National Soup Month). Salt Lake City and Boise, the leading consumers of Cream of Chicken soup, also racked up the highest per-capita soup consumption in the nation. Other scores: greatest Cream of Mushroom city, Seattle; top customer for Cream of Celery, Minneapolis; taking the crown in both the Tomato and Cream of Broccoli events, Pittsburgh.

Russia Goes Burgois

The Wall Street Journal reports that McDonald's is now the top Moscow tourist attraction. Every day 27,000 Russians visit the Moscow Mac, three times as many as visit Lenin's Tomb.

And Will You Have a Cow With That Order?

The Camerina Trattoria and Pizzeria in Oakland, N.J., offers a pizza that looks like Bart Simpson.

Top of the Fast Food Chain

Arby's has an animated menu board in the works. Instead of seeing just the name and price of an item, you'll be treated to a little video of beef falling luxuriously into a sandwich. (But will it sing, like those raisin guys?)

The Two-Queen Garage

The garage wall was bulging outward, reported guests at the Valley Hilton Hotel in Sherman Oaks last week, and it felt oddly warm to the touch. It turned out there was a huge beehive in there, so big it had room for two queens and a hundred pounds of dark amber honey (quite good honey, at that). The Hilton now features what you'd have to call home-away-from-homemade honey in its restaurant and gives chunks of comb to guests.

A Diet Drink Expands

For a long time Slim-Fast was just a diet drink, but now it's a line of frozen dinners as well, and there's a rumor that one day there may be a Slim-Fast ice cream bar. We look forward to the Slim-Fast decaf espresso and after-dinner mint.

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