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Schools OK Builders Fees in Glendora


GLENDORA — The school board for the Glendora Unified School District on Tuesday night voted 4 to 0 to approve developer fees that it hopes will pay for needed classroom space.

The action takes effect in 60 days if the fees are not challenged by city and county governments. The levies are $1.58 a square foot on new homes and up to 26 cents a square foot on commercial development, the highest allowed under state law.

Over the next five years, more than 1,100 new homes, condos and apartments are expected to be built in Glendora, increasing its population by about 3,800, said school consultant Donald Wickert. That would translate to an estimated 17% student increase. The district has more than 6,100 pupils and serves Glendora, a portion of San Dimas and unincorporated county territory.

The board also approved a five-year plan for spending the money raised. Developer fees not budgeted within that time must be returned to developers.

Over five years, the board hopes to raise more than $3.27 million from residential fees, more than half the cost of needed new classrooms.

Development, however, is tied both to the economy and the real estate market. Neighboring Bonita Unified had to scale back school construction this year when developer fees did not come in at anticipated levels.

Starting about 1969, the Glendora district, which once had almost 10,000 students, had been losing enrollment. The district sold two schools and surplus property to establish a maintenance fund and install air-conditioning.

But in 1988 enrollment began rising. Officials say schools are nearing capacity.

Glendora's overall population increased more than 20% in the 1980s, according to census figures. Parent Scott Morgon applauded the board's action, adding, "They should have done it years ago."

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