High Life: A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Clean Teeth, Maturity Are a Couple of Valentine Tips

February 14, 1991|Responses gathered by Janet Bester (Connelly), Jean Paik (Kennedy), Trisha Ginsburg (Los Alamitos), Felice Wu (Ocean View), Betsy Burbridge (Orange), Regina Hoang (Saddleback), Dan Alvarado (St. Michael's), Lani Kent (Sonora) and Michael Chen (Valencia).

While a box of chocolates or some roses may be all it takes to win the heart of your valentine, for others, the arrows from Cupid's bow won't even do the trick.

If you're looking for advice when it comes to romance, Hot Topics responds with answers to the question: "What dating tip would you provide for the opposite sex?"

"Don't be afraid to show your feelings."

Justin Jimenez, 17, senior, Valencia

"Make her feel special, at least on the first date, and make her feel comfortable throughout the evening."

Dhruti Patel, 17, senior, Orange

"Respect your date and be considerate, even if he is doing everything wrong."

Mario Toro, 18, senior, Sonora

"Don't be intimidated, and wear a smile."

Amy Schmidt, 17, senior, Kennedy

"Always pick up your date at the door; don't ever ask her to drive unless she wants to, and tell her she looks nice."

Meg Royer, 17, senior, Ocean View

"Earn money and pay for some things when you go out."

Wendy Palk, 15, sophomore, Los Alamitos

"On the first date, don't over-order at dinner and make your date go broke."

Truong Huynh, 16, sophomore, Saddleback

"If you want to be asked out, don't hang out in packs."

Zach Oliver, 16, junior, St. Michael's

"Bring flowers or something symbolic of your love."

Elisa Caillier, 16, junior, Connelly

"Keep good conversation going."

Joan-Jung Chang, 18, senior, Valencia

"Cut the macho image. I like it when a guy shows he is sensitive."

Anh Ha, 16, junior, Orange

"Brush your teeth before you go out."

Fred Salazar, 17, senior, Sonora

"Don't be afraid to open up and share yourself."

Jenna Rohrig, 17, senior, Kennedy

"Don't always worry about your looks; they wouldn't have asked you on a date if they thought you were ugly."

Paul Rodarte, 18, senior, Ocean View

"Definitely honesty, without that nothing can be accomplished."

Amy Gonta, 15, sophomore, Los Alamitos

"Always act courteous and with respect."

Tommy Simonovski, 15, sophomore, Saddleback

"Don't come on too strong or lead your date on."

James Anderson, 15, freshman, St. Michael's

"Stop being so immature."

Sareena Singh, 14, freshman, Connelly

"Don't try so hard to impress."

Ginny Case, 17, senior, Valencia

"Don't rush a guy into a relationship; let it happen if it's going to happen."

Richard LaRochelle, 17, senior, Orange

"Keep your eyes in your sockets and your hands in your pockets."

Casey Lazona, 16, junior, Sonora

"Be polite, be yourself and eat something."

Herman Silberman, 16, junior, Kennedy

"Don't worry so much about looks or material things. A good sense of humor is always attractive."

Becky Wang, 16, junior, Ocean View

"When guys are thinking about where to take their date, they should be creative. Going to movies and out to dinner every time can be extremely boring."

Lisa Smith, 14, freshman, Los Alamitos

"Don't be late, or else you'll probably end up without a date."

Cynthia Huynh, 15, sophomore, Saddleback

"If you respect yourself, you respect your date."

James McCallion, 16, sophomore, St. Michael's

"Don't try so hard to impress someone. Be yourself."

Frances Kyriakos, 17, senior, Connelly

"Don't wear Polo cologne."

Jessica Lopez, 18, senior, Valencia

"Have a good time and enjoy the date. Don't get too serious."

Marcelo Sandoval, 16, sophomore, Orange

"Have morals and be committed to your date."

Jamal Smith, 17, senior, Sonora

"Be respectful and treat others like you would want to be treated. And don't have sex until you're married."

Analisa Escobar, 17, senior, Kennedy

"Don't try to get your date's attention by being loud and stupid. Be yourself, and your date will like you for who you really are."

Bobby David, 18, senior, Ocean View

"Be on time. Girls don't like to wait around while their makeup melts. Obey the curfew of your date. Have good breath; chew gum, if you have to."

Marisa Kuderman, 16, sophomore, Los Alamitos

"You should always have something interesting to talk about."

Magda Soto, 15, sophomore, Saddleback

"Go out with an open mind."

Sam Mora, 18, senior, St. Michael's

"Act like yourself and don't be shy."

Bill Mathews, 18, senior, Sonora

"Be honest from the start, and don't lie."

Stacy Ekert, 15, sophomore, Kennedy

"Take your date on romantic dates, be on time, bring flowers, tell her she looks nice, tell her you like her clothes, tell her she smells nice, open doors for her, hold her hand, whisper sweet nothings, and do anything she asks."

Carlee McMullens, 17, senior, Ocean View

"Spend a lot of time with each other, and keep humor within the relationship."

Ken McEvoy, 16, sophomore, St. Michael's

"Use a breath mint."

Michele Pelot, 17, junior, Connelly

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