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Clean Entertainment

February 16, 1991

Our Archdiocesan Commission was part of the interfaith coalition sponsoring the CLeaR-TV boycott against Burger King. This coalition represented 80 million people and had just completed the successful boycott against Clorox Corp.

We are delighted that both these corporations have chosen to spend their advertising dollars to support traditional family values on TV.

Those who oppose such programming, such as Daniel Goldberg of the ACLU, seem not to have noticed that promiscuity has become rampant, a phenomenon widely promoted by our "entertainment" industry since the 1960s. They don't seem to have noticed the epidemic of venereal diseases that promiscuity has helped spawn, the thousands dead or dying from AIDS, or that women, in particular, are degraded through filthy language and nudity in our so-called legitimate film industry.

To the rest of us, one thing is becoming very clear: The permissive era is coming to an end. Millions are demanding a return to the Ten Commandments as the basic framework for creating culture. This will require a new code for the entertainment industry, one administered independently of the industry, and one that ends discrimination against the people who believe in time-tested Judeo-Christian values of human dignity and human rights.


Chairman, Commission on

Obscenity and Pornography

Archdiocese of Los Angeles

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