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Freeway Extension Needs to Be Stopped

February 21, 1991

The Caltrans Environmental Impact Statement on the Long Beach (710) Freeway Extension seeks approval of the Meridian Variation route. It would destroy South Pasadena as a viable city, along with numerous historic neighborhoods in the city, and devastate large sections of Pasadena and El Sereno.

The 6.2-mile extension of the Long Beach Freeway will cost at least a billion dollars based on today's cost--money that could be better allocated to transportation alternatives.

Approximately 1,500 dwelling units will be demolished.

The extension of the freeway will displace about 5,000 persons who will not be able to find or to afford replacement housing nearby.

Over 7,000 mature trees will be destroyed and air pollution levels in the West San Gabriel Valley will increase dramatically.

Whenever this freeway extension issue has been put to the ballot test, the voting by our citizens (consistently by a solid two-thirds majority) has been an emphatic no. This highly destructive, unnecessary freeway extension needs to be stopped now.



South Pasadena

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