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February 21, 1991

Banner day: Some wanted to declare La Verne a "Saddam-free zone" or to hoist a banner reading "Kick His Butt and Throw Him Out," but the City Council Tuesday opted for a tamer show of support for U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf.

The council voted to hang a street banner saying, "La Verne Supports Our Troops." It also authorized the city to order U.S. flags and yellow ribbons to decorate the streets and to take down Christmas peace decorations, lest they be interpreted as a commentary on the Persian Gulf War.

Mayor Pro Tem Thomas R. Harvey had suggested that the banner say, "May Our Troops Come Home Safe . . . And Soon," but other council members felt that wording was not forceful enough. There was no comment on a suggestion from audience member John McCutcheon, who wanted the banner to read: "Kick His Butt and Throw Him Out."

There also was no talk of declaring the city a "Saddam-free zone" which had previously been suggested--tongue-in-cheek--by Councilman Craig H. Walters.

War pay: Pasadena will make up the difference between military pay and city salary for up to six months for city employees called to active duty in the Persian Gulf War.

City directors Tuesday approved a pay measure that also includes continued city contributions to retirement funds, medical and all other city benefits.

Only one city employee has been called to active duty, but five others are in the reserves and could be called if the war continues.

CIA on campus: At other universities, a plan to bring the CIA on campus might trigger protests. But Azusa Pacific University has warmly embraced the idea of establishing Christians In Action (CIA) to support local families of troops in the Gulf.

The group has been organized by 200 faculty, staff and students at the university. CIA activities include baby-sitting, house repair and cleaning, prayer and letter writing.

Peace forum: A peace forum will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday at Memorial Park, Indian Hill Boulevard and 8th Street, Claremont. Speakers and music will be presented at the forum, sponsored by the Pomona Valley Coalition for Peace in the Middle East.

Tie one on: A Yellow Ribbon Day, featuring military color guards and a yellow-ribbon tree trimming, has been set for March 2 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Plaza Park in the city of San Gabriel.

Troop supporters are asked to bring their own yellow bows to tie on an evergreen tree.

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