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Maybe the SuperSonics Haven't Been Watching for the Past Six Seasons

February 23, 1991

To the Editor of the Seattle Times:

With all the property we Californians are buying in your city, it would be normal to expect some resentment.

We would expect, therefore, for you to go after some of our athletic stars. Magic would fit well into your backcourt, or maybe Eddie Murray in your infield, but Benoit Benjamin?

Perhaps you haven't heard. Ben has been a six-year project with the Clippers, a failed experiment. Ben is the one who arrived at a game with two left shoes. Ben is the one who has Don King as his agent. Ben has been coddled, pampered, spoiled, catered to, and only brief moments of motivation and skill have surfaced (usually around contract negotiation time.)

You folks are in for quite a surprise. Ben jumped to the Italian League, only to return two days later because he didn't like the food. What's going to happen when you offer him a geoduck? He'll tell you he prefers mallard.

Good luck, Seattle. You're going to need it.


Los Angeles

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