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That's a Rap!

February 24, 1991|Pat H. Broeske

Can Vanilla Ice heat up the big screen?

The super-hot teen idol rapper will give it a shot in "Cool as Ice," due to begin filming in April.

David Kellogg, who's directed videos and commercials, makes his feature film debut with what he calls "a PG-13-type film," a mix of music, romance and dance. He adds that Ice "is pretty gung-ho" about the break into movies.

For Alive Enterprises, the story has Ice and his "posse" blowing into a small town where he falls for a suburban golden girl--whose dad doesn't approve of Ice and his chums. It's only after Ice comes to his aid--dad has a secret past--that Ice gets respect.

Or, as casting materials put it, it's discovered that "beneath his bad-boy facade lurks a romantic and noble soul."

Among the subplots: An elderly couple, who've rented rooms to Ice and his pals, get caught up in . . . rap culture.

"Cool as Ice" doesn't mark Ice's screen debut. That honor goes to the upcoming "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze," which will find him singing and rapping with the reptilian heroes.

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