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List of Victims of Airliner Crash

March 05, 1991|Associated Press

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — These are the 20 passengers and five crew members killed when Flight 585 crashed:


Bonnie Bachman, Phoenix; Dan Birkholz, 35, Colorado Springs; Andy Bodnar, Toronto; Mildred Brown, Copperas Cove, Tex.; Dr. Bill Crabb, 51, Colorado Springs; Clay Crawford, 72, Colorado Springs; Jo Crawford, 65, Colorado Springs; Robert Geissbuhler, 39, Colorado Springs;

Pam Gerdts, 39, Colorado Springs; Fred Hoffman, 40, Colorado Springs; Herald Holding, Colorado Springs; Maurice Jenks, Littleton, Colo.; Michael Kavanagh, Barna, Ireland; Kevin Kodalen, Colorado Springs; Dr. Andrzej J. Komor, 39, Warsaw, Poland; Paula McGilvar, 43, Colorado Springs; Vincent Riga, 55, Colorado Springs; Lester Ross, Atlanta; Dr. Peter J. Van Handel, 45, Colorado Springs; Takashi Yoshida, Fukushima, Japan.

Crew Members

Hal L. Green, pilot, based in San Francisco

Trish Eidson, first officer, based in San Francisco

Anita Lucero, flight attendant, based in San Francisco

Lisa Church, flight attendant, based in New York City

Monica Smiley, flight attendant, based in New York City

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