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FOUNTAIN VALLEY : District to Operate 2 Summer Schools

March 11, 1991|ROSE APODACA

State funding will enable the Fountain Valley School District to operate two summer school sites this year to meet the demands of increased enrollment.

Urbain H. Plavan Elementary, which was the first site to reinstate summer school three years ago, offered classes to more than 600 students last year.

Most school districts have been hard-pressed to offer summer instruction since voters statewide approved Proposition 13, the property tax limit and reform measure, in 1978.

The Board of Trustees unanimously approved Isojiro Oka Elementary as the second site last week. The board also added advanced computer and math courses to the summer program, but cut chorus from the schedule because of dwindling interest. Instrumental music courses for band and orchestra members will still be available at Plavan.

Oka will offer the Fun with Essential Skills program for third-, fourth- and fifth-graders, which will include computer education and fine arts in addition to a standard curriculum.

Plavan will offer both concentrated courses in math, creative writing, computers and fine arts, and minimum proficiency courses to fourth- through seventh-graders. Students can enroll in as many as three classes, but not more than one computer class.

The summer session--which is offered only to third- through seventh-graders--will run July 1-31. Applications will be distributed to all parents with students in the district during parent-teacher conferences at the end of this month and are due May 1.

All classes are free. There is a $5 fee for computer disks and art materials.

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