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Man Found Guilty in Drug and Arms Case


A Simi Valley man with a yen for unusual weapons has been convicted on drug and gun charges stemming from the seizure of 12 pounds of cocaine and the largest arsenal ever taken in a Ventura County drug raid, authorities said Monday.

A federal jury in Los Angeles found Gardner Ernest Flockhart, 31, guilty of possession for sale and conspiracy to distribute $750,000 worth of cocaine, along with numerous weapons offenses, according to Ventura Police Lt. Steve Bowman.

Robert Dale Lloyd, 27, an alleged drug courier from Ventura, was found guilty of selling cocaine and conspiracy to distribute the drug by the U.S. District Court jury, police said.

Flockhart was arrested Oct. 14 after a raid on his home produced more than 100 firearms, 125 bladed weapons, 12 pounds of cocaine and $492,000 in cash, including Krugerrands, silver ingots and antique coins.

Lloyd, an auto mechanic who was under investigation along with Flockhart, was arrested the same day after he allegedly sold two pounds of cocaine to an undercover officer in a Simi Valley parking lot.

Flockhart, a suspected high-level dealer who described himself as an unemployed actor, had assembled an arsenal that included hand grenades; several Uzi-type weapons converted to fully automatic machine guns; bullets capable of piercing bulletproof vests; and bladed weapons that could be thrown like Frisbees.

Authorities who raided Flockhart's home after a six-month investigation said he apparently often bartered drugs in exchange for weapons to add to his collection.

The jury reached its decision late Friday after a four-day trial. Flockhart has been in custody since his arrest, while Lloyd remains free on bail pending his sentencing.

Both are scheduled to be sentenced on May 13.

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