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South Pasadena Council Won't Bite Bullet on Bernardi

March 21, 1991

The South Pasadena City Council is afraid to bite the bullet. City Manager John Bernardi has managed to manipulate the SPCC into indecision on the matter of his termination.

Those council members holding up the dismissal of Bernardi should understand that it is time for Bernardi to move on. My experience on the South Pasadena City Council has shown me that Councilman Jim Hodge is more afraid of damaging his public image than the overall welfare of the city is concerned. On most issues on local government, four votes were always necessary to get the support of Jim Hodge in executive sessions or on public issues. He hates to put his neck on the line.

Please, Mr. Hodge, I know you'll argue for argument's sake against me, but wake up. This city is being run by an engineer. A city manager's position in South Pasadena requires a minimum of 50% of public communication and the balance of the time directing department heads. Have you ever seen Bernardi out and about in the streets checking into what's really going on?

I applaud those current council members for having the intelligence and vision and businesslike attitude that it's time for Bernardi to step down. And now it's time for the full South Pasadena City Council to urge Bernardi to resign.

The lack of "trust" in Bernardi is enough in itself to replace him. Our city has a poor, sour, parochial image because of Bernardi. Why can't the full council see this?


South Pasadena

Editor's note: Bernardi, who has worked for the city since 1964, became city manager in 1984. He has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and a master's in public administration. Wagner, a South Pasadena councilman from 1984-1988, was an unsuccessful candidate for the council in 1990.

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