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Attention All VCR Plus Owners

March 31, 1991

Beginning today, the Times has streamlined its TV listings in a change that affects VCR Plus owners in San Diego, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs.

This requires a one-time adjustment on the VCR Plus remote and it only affects readers who watch network affiliates--CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox--on stations other than Los Angeles channels 2, 4, 7 and 11.

This change does not affect readers who subscribe to Ventura, Dimension/Orange County and Comcast cable systems.

Here is the one-time procedure to follow, using the buttons under the cover at the top of your VCR Plus and following the list of channels below.

If your local CBS station is not on Channel 2, press CH, enter 02, and then enter the channel number you receive CBS on in your home. If you receive cable, this should be the number the channel comes in via cable. Press ENTER, then SAVE.

If your local NBC station is not on Channel 4, repeat the above procedure with 04 and then your local NBC channel number.

Follow the same procedure for ABC and Channel 7 and for Fox and Channel 11.

You will note that in the Times' TV listings all network programs now are grouped together, making it easier for readers outside the Los Angeles area to find a story description on a network program.

With this change, the same VCR Plus number applies to a network program, no matter where the viewers live.

For any questions, please call 1-800-4321-VCR.

Here is a rundown of the one-time changes in the VCR Plus remote. Press CH, then enter the first number, then enter the second number, then press ENTER and then press SAVE. For cable viewers who receive the channels on a different number from the one in the second column, the second number should be substituted by the number you watch on your cable system. (This change does not affect readers who subscriber to Ventura, Dimension/Orange County and Comcast cable systems.)

San Diego viewers:

02: 08

04: 39

07: 10

11: 06

Palm Springs viewers:

04: 36

07: 42

Santa Barbara viewers:

07: 03

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