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City Council Supported for Firing of Knapp

April 04, 1991

George Ray excuses Gaylord Knapp's management style by saying, "In his position, you can't make difficult decisions and make everyone happy."

Knapp does not have to please everyone, but according to the Cerritos City Charter, "The city manager shall serve at the pleasure of the City Council." Four members of that council, all elected by the citizens of Cerritos, voted to fire him.

For Ray to urge the recall of one of those four is beyond understanding. All four council members should be praised for making a very difficult decision after months of careful deliberation.

(Does it strike anyone else as strange that Knapp responded to a deadline to improve his performance by not talking to his employees?)

To use "no city tax" as an example of Knapp's "excellent planning, etc., etc.," is stealing a line from stale campaign rhetoric. The truth is no city in our area has a city tax.

If Ray is going to give Knapp sole credit for all things good and wonderful in Cerritos, he must include our $17-million theater that is going to cost at least $55 million, and two totally useless gazebos.

Civic pride has nothing to do with mindless allegiance to an individual. Our city will continue to grow and prosper with or without Mr. Knapp.



BACKGROUND Cerritos City Manager Gaylord F. Knapp was dismissed by the City Council on March 6. He is contesting the firing, however, and has exercised his right to have a public hearing before the council. The hearing is set for 7 tonight in the council chamber at City Hall, Bloomfield Avenue at 183rd Street.

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