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Energy, Anger Spice 'Border'

April 10, 1991|LEAH OLLMAN

Among the photographs, video installations, photographs and painted works in the show, there is much that stands on wobbly legs conceptually and aesthetically. But even these unresolved works contribute to the intensity of the show and its overall tone of vigilance against injustice. "Whitewashed" is a show of raw power, and even when it erodes into disorder and tirade, it cannot be dismissed.

Other artists participating in the show are Graciela Ovejero, Margaret Honda, Hugo Sanchez, Patricio Chavez, John Francis, Gerardo Navarro, Kit Alexander, James Johnson, John Francis, Keith Piper, Zarina Bhimji, Michael McMillan, Kirsten Aaboe, Osman Deen and AWOL.

Centro Cultural de la Raza, Balboa Park, 235-6135, open Wednesday-Sunday, noon to 5, through May 17.


It's difficult to say whether the drawings show at the Iturralde Gallery complements the large Latin American Drawings show now at the San Diego Museum of Art or vice versa. A lusty sketch by Jose Clemente Orozco and the psychologically disarming drawings of Lucia Maya are but a few of the highlights in this fine selection of work by 20th-Century artists from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina and Spain, both legends and promising younger artists.

Iturralde Gallery, 7592 Fay Ave., 456-9237, Tuesday-Friday 10-6, Saturday 11-6 and by appointment. Through April 28.

When faced with the work of Jon Serl, questions of the status and seriousness of "outsider" art become moot. Paintings by the 96-year-old artist living near Lake Elsinore are as poignant, wry, lyrical, philosophical, odd, mysterious and familiar as you could wish any art art to be, whatever its qualification.

"Pink Lady With Carp," a show of paintings by Jon Serl, Oneiros Gallery, 711 8th Ave., 696-0882, Friday-Saturday 11-5 and by appointment.

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