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Burbank Admits to Lax Enforcement of Toxic Waste Rules : Environment: City is named in an EPA suit charging that it allowed companies to exceed discharge limits.


The suit alleges that the two companies failed to meet self-monitoring requirements for their toxic-waste discharges, and violated their authorized discharge limitations for several chemicals and substances. The companies face possible fines in the tens of thousands of dollars as a result of the suit, EPA officials said.

Some of Stainless Steel Products' discharges of chromium and fluoride greatly exceeded authorized limits, the suit said.

The daily limit for fluoride discharge at Stainless Steel Products is 0.09 parts per million, EPA officials said. During one day in June, 1990, the fluoride content was 2 parts per million, Barroll said.

Zero Corp., which makes several metal products, committed the same violations with excess amounts of cadmium, chromium, lead and total toxic organic substances, the suit says.

Officials from the two companies were unavailable for comment.

Since last year, the city has hired Pasadena-based JMM Operational Services to monitor industrial waste discharges, officials said. Burbank officials said the enforcement and monitoring of businesses has improved significantly, and added that they hoped the EPA would take that into account.

"We're aware of what problems Burbank had, and what they're doing now," Barroll said. "But their record is unacceptable, and they have a long way to go."

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