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Yes Vote on Bond E Imperative, She Says

May 12, 1991

I am writing this rebuttal to a letter to the editor regarding Pomona Unified School District's General Obligation Bond E, which will appear on the June 4 ballot (Times, May 5).

I am appalled that a resident of Diamond Bar thinks that Pomona Unified School District is "trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes." Yes, we have been promised a "new high school" for many years. That promise, however, came from real estate agents and new home builders!

If you read your sample ballot carefully under "Arguments in favor of Proposition E," it states: "Passage of this bond will guarantee permanent facilities in the form of four new elementary schools, four satellites for newcomer/early-childhood centers and a new high school."

The yearly cost of this bond will be offset by the increased value of your home. Our schools are overcrowded and short of supplies! What better way to improve this situation than to vote "yes" on Proposition E? This bond issue gives all of us the opportunity to do something to better our children's education.

A "yes" vote for Proposition E will bring a fresh and clean environment for our children to learn in, provide funds to renovate and air-condition many classrooms, assure the building of four new elementary schools, four early-childhood centers, and building a new high school. In addition to all of the educational benefits for the students of Pomona Unified School District, as homeowners it will increase our property value.

It is imperative to vote "yes" on Proposition E.


Diamond Bar

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