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Doc Laporte

May 19, 1991

So John Jackson can't look at Doc's picture, walks the hall the long way to avoid contact. Why?

What, if anything, did he give the enemy--medicine.

Perhaps when Doc looked into the faces of those children, he saw his own sad childhood; maybe he wanted to do for them what he had wanted and needed as a child. You tell of him writing his stepmother for medicine to help the children. How many others, I wonder, ever cared enough to do this?

Perhaps he saw before the rest, what a useless thing war is. Who suffers? The children and people, of course.

Perhaps he did get lost. Was it necessary to drag up everybody's ideas and supposed or imagined solutions. How sad for his family and all the other families of these MIAs.

Mr. Jackson, you better go back to Doc's picture, look at it and ask yourself if you are even half the man that Doc was.


Palos Verdes Estates

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