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Pleasure to Shop

May 19, 1991

I must respond to a reader's criticism of the level of service provided by the sales personnel at Home Depot.

I prefer to do the repairs to our rental houses myself. Some jobs require guesswork on the amount of materials needed. At the La Mirada Home Depot, where I have spent thousands of dollars, I have never had a problem with returning any unused material with the sales receipt.

I've never waited behind more than two people at the return desk. I've never purchased an item with parts missing. When looking for an item the salespeople are very helpful. I've never found a salesperson who didn't know his department and how to use the materials in it. If I'm in the wrong department I have been directed, if not personally taken, to the correct department. No one has ever shrugged, stared blankly, or, worse, given me incorrect information.

When we moved to Moreno Valley in 1988 I wrote to the Home Depot headquarters and asked them to please build a store in our rapidly growing town. When the Home Depot broke ground last year, I called City Planning to ask when it would open. Feeling my enthusiasm, he asked what I liked about the Home Depot store.

"The salespeople," I said. "They train them to understand what they're selling and how it works. The stores are big and the prices fair."

"You sound like a commercial!" he said.

Could be. But as I know no one connected with, nor do I have any economic ties with the Home Depot, at least it's an honest one.


Moreno Valley

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