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Peppery Response

May 23, 1991

I have just read the article on Mo Hotta Mo Betta (hot sauce mail order house) (May 9) and have a few comments.

First, Mr. Perry is incorrect in his assumption that the amount of pepper is what gives (Hell In A Bottle) sauce its color; nor will I say what gives it this color.

Secondly, the term "violently hot" seems excessive. For those of us who have had hot peppers as part of our regular diet for the last 30 years, it is not "violently hot." Perhaps if you're from New England or your idea of eating "hot food" is twice a month at the latest Thai place in town, it might be too much for you. I have decided to produce a milder version for those with a delicate palate.

Lastly, Mr. Eidson's inability to imagine a use for this sauce has got to be a joke--maybe he's never added a tablespoons to his tuna salad, or a 1/2 tablespoon to his ramen noodles, or a couple of tablespoons to his pork tenderloin marinade. I will gladly send him some ideas with his next order.

Overall, I enjoyed the articles and recipes. I will send you a sample of the mild sauce as soon as we go to production.


San Francisco

Perry Bites Back:

I say Hell In A Bottle is violently hot, but I'm willing to retract if Chili Bill is willing to take the words "a test of friendship or guts" off his label. Either Hell In A Bottle is an ordeal or it isn't--he can't have it both ways.

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