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Good Rates Offered at New Hotel in Nuremberg

May 26, 1991|LUCY IZON

A new no-frills Jugend & Economy Hotel, 51 Gostenhofer Hauptstrasse, telephone 0911 289581, will open next month in Nuremberg, Germany, offering special rates to travelers under 26 years.

In a new building and a short walk from the old town, the hotel has standard-size rooms and 120 "coupe-rooms," which are small, furnished bedrooms with showers and toilets.

The rooms are available to anyone as singles for about $45 per night, but for travelers under 26 years, the hotel will add a bunk, similar to a train berth, so two people can stay in the room for about $21 per night each.

For more information, contact the German National Tourist Office, 444 S. Flower St., Suite 2230, Los Angeles 90071, (213) 688-7332.

Here's a word of warning for Eurail and Eurail Youthpass holders: The 1991 edition of the annual "Eurail Guide" reports that some travelers are being taken "for a ride" when traveling by ship between Patras, Greece, and Brindisi, Italy.

Employees of some lines tell travelers that their ships honor the passes, but in actuality they don't. And after the ships have left the docks, the employees intimidate the passengers into paying a fare. As a result, it's very important to read the booklet provided with a pass and to pay attention to which ships honor the tickets.

Even when sailing on the right boat, be prepared to pay some extra charges. Between June 10 and Sept. 30, an $8 surcharge will be imposed. Also, there's a $1 port tax throughout the year.

Reservations are recommended during July and August. They can be made through some travel agents, who charge about $3 for the service.

The International Youth Hostel Federation has opened a new youth hostel in Budapest, Hungary. The 300-bed hostel, which will be open year-round, is about half a mile from the airport at 1185 Budapest, Bajcsy Zs. u. 51. From the airport, take bus No. 93. From the Kispest Terminal on the Blue Metro Line, take bus No. 93 or 35. Or from the Blue Metro Line's Hatar Ut station, take tram 50. From the West Railway Station, take the hourly train to Szemeretelep.

Advance bookings can be made at the Hungarian youth travel service Express, which has an office in the center of Budapest at Szabadsag Ter 16.

Budget travelers planning trips to Australia can get the free 1991 edition of "Destination Australia," a 132-page guide that includes maps and information on how to get around the country, holidays, customs, visas, attractions, entertainment and local tours.

One of its features is a lodgings listing that is divided into price categories. Another is a list of backpacker's hostels. In Australia there are numerous backpackers' hostels that don't require membership, provide mostly single and twin accommodations and are open all day and night. Cost is usually from about $10 per night.

For 26 years, American Leadership Study Groups has arranged foreign tours for about 225,000 participants. The programs, designed for high school students, are marketed with a special incentive to teachers and counselors. Organizers of 12 or more students are offered a free tour for their spouse or co-counselor.

The package tours vary from one to four weeks, and usually involve up to 40 students plus four or five teachers/counselors and a full-time ALSG courier.

The teachers/counselors can earn a free trip by organizing six students for participation in any tour. Students may sign up for the tours independently.

More than 70 tour choices are available this year. Sixty-two are European programs, and many include a stop in Berlin.

All participants are supplied with special literature, including a textbook for student travelers, "A Young Look at Europe," plus cultural awareness workshops, European city fact sheets and walking-tour material.

For more information and copies of the 90-page ALSG catalogue, call (800) 877-2574.

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