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Adults Only


The Chocolate Fetish

46 Haywood St.

Asheville, N.C. 28801

(704) 258-2353

Check or Major Credit Cards Chocolate Fetish, a tiny shop in a giant North Carolina hotel complex, makes chocolate truffles so wonderful it's hard to work up much enthusiasm for any others.

These are not chocolates for children. The owners make their truffles by hand from pure chocolate and whipping cream, and the product is best savored like fine Cognac. Eat them slowly: Bite off a small piece and swirl it around your mouth.

My favorite flavor is bittersweet--a rich, dense, perfectly balanced ball of chocolate, with plenty of bitter and not too much sweet. If dark chocolate is not for you, there are 11 other flavors, including semi-sweet, milk chocolate mint, toasted almond milk, Kahlua, Amaretto and pungent Irish cream.

These adult chocolates are expensive. During the summer months because of special packing, eight cost $26, including shipping; that works out to $3.25 a truffle.

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