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Clinics Affected by Ruling

May 30, 1991

The U.S. Supreme Court's recent ruling that federally funded family planning clinics may not discuss abortion with their clients is pushing the war over reproductive rights to a new front.

Several clinics in Long Beach and the Southeast area of Los Angeles County risk losing their federal funding if they so much as mention what has blithely become known as "the A-word."

While abortion opponents are rejoicing over the ruling, family planning experts assail it as an affront to women's rights, one that will force uninformed teen-agers to bear unwanted children and steer poor women to disreputable clinics.

Agencies such as Planned Parenthood are backing federal legislation to overturn the ruling. Several clinics are deciding whether to refuse federal funding to get out from under the restrictions. Abortion opponents are using the ruling in their drive to outlaw the procedure altogether.

The following is a list of local agencies--many of which serve some of the county's poorest residents--that would be forced to stop abortion counseling if the court's opinion stands:

* County health centers in Bellflower, Bell Gardens, Hawaiian Gardens, Norwalk, Paramount and Pico Rivera.

* American Indian Free Clinic in Compton.

* Planned Parenthood World Population, Lakewood clinic.

* Family Planning Centers of Greater Los Angeles, South Gate clinic.

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