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High Life : A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : And Just How Did Your Sacrifice Fly?

May 30, 1991|Responses gathered by Shelly Insheiwhe (Los Amigos), Christine Madracki (Rosary), Brooke Lyons (St. Margaret's), Hieu Phan (Santiago), Layne Mosler (Troy) and Claudine Ko (University)

During the course of our lives, many of us are called upon one time or another to make a sacrifice for somebody else.

We may have to give up our time, material possessions or even a friendship. But we do it, nevertheless, because of a sense of duty, feelings of guilt or just because we love them.

Hot Topics asks, "What's the greatest sacrifice you've ever made for another person?"

"The greatest sacrifice I have ever made was to not go to the prom and instead stay home to baby-sit my brother." Loan Nguyen, 15, freshman, Santiago

"I sacrificed my friendship to keep a friend from driving drunk. It was worth it." Octavio Sandoval, 17, senior, Los Amigos

"I gave up a weekend with my friends to spend some needed time with my family." Kristin Martin, 16, sophomore, Rosary

"I gave up trying out for a school play so my best friend could take the part." Christina Choe, 16, junior, University

"I helped my very good friend move from 9 a.m. until night. I couldn't even move the next day." Andres Ramos, 17, sophomore, Troy

"I stopped liking a guy to save my friendship with my best friend." Susie Teitsworth, 16, sophomore, St. Margaret's

"The most I've ever done for anyone was to lend my car to one of my friends." Caspar Chavez, 15, sophomore, Santiago

"I would rather do something for a friend who appreciates it than for myself, so I don't consider helping someone a sacrifice." Kelly Probert, 16, junior, Rosary

"I took care of two little girls one summer because their parents were drug addicts." Brigette O'Donovan, 18, senior, Troy

"In sixth grade I gave up getting an 'A' grade to go to someone's birthday party." Roy Kim, 15, sophomore, University

"My greatest sacrifice is giving up my teen years to give birth to my daughter Tinia." Dawnya Williams, 18, senior, Los Amigos

"When I was 8, we formed clubs in our neighborhood, but I sacrificed being in the club and being popular to maintain a friendship." Mark Merryman, 17, junior, St. Margaret's

"I gave up going on this year's senior trip to help my mom with her car payments." Jason Glascour, 17, senior, Santiago

"I gave up going to a concert just to take care of my little cousin." Therese Bernardo, 16, sophomore, Rosary

"I didn't act myself in front of another person. I sacrificed myself for false acceptance." Kassie Goldflam, 18, senior, Los Amigos

"I sacrifice a couple of hours a week to help kids with their homework, and I do Bible studies." Fabio Quinones, 16, junior, Troy

"I sang a Vanilla Ice song once to make people laugh." Adrian Rhodes, 14, freshman, St. Margaret's

"I had the best feeling of my life when I told my boyfriend that our relationship wasn't going to work because I felt what I did was the best thing for both of us." Lisa Myers, 17, junior, Santiago

"Giving of my own happiness to benefit a friend." Crysti McIntyre, 17, junior, Rosary

"I stayed home from a skiing trip because my mom would have to spend the weekend alone if I didn't." Lori Howard, 15, freshman, St. Margaret's

"I sacrificed a day with my friends to help another friend in need." Lisa Ishimine, 16, sophomore, University

"I gave up going to Palm Springs over spring break to stay home with my boyfriend." Joy Codner, 16, junior, Troy

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