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Council OKs Graffiti Cleanup Fees : Environment: Property owners will be liable for a portion of the city's expense for removal of paint.

June 06, 1991

The Glendale City Council this week adopted a measure allowing the city to recover half the costsof removing graffiti from privateresidences or businesses whose owners will not clean it up.

The council last November adopted an ordinance requiring property owners to remove graffiti on their properties or pay the city to do it for them.

City staff members last week proposed that property owners reimburse the city in full.

But Councilwoman Eileen Givens requested a revised plan that would split the costs with the city.

Officials have estimated that removing graffiti from 25 square feet or less of private property would cost about $55.

Council members voted 4 to 1 Tuesday to charge home, apartment and business owners a $28 base fee for graffiti removal by the city.

A $9 charge will be added for every additional 10 square feet, and the city and property owner will split the cost of any specialized equipment or material that is used, according to the council's resolution.

Since January, when Glendale's graffiti ordinance took effect, the city has instructed about 175 property owners to remove graffiti and about 95% have complied, said Madalyn Blake, director of community development and housing, which oversees graffiti abatement in the city.

The city probably will haveto levy the fee each year against an estimated 10 to 20 business or apartment building owners who do not respond to the city's order, Blake told the council.

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