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June 09, 1991

BY WAY OF DECEPTION: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer by Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy (St. Martin's: $5.99). Israeli government attempted to suppress this account of its elite intelligence organization.

FATHER, SON & CO.: My Life at IBM and Beyond by Thomas J. Watson Jr. and Peter Petre (Bantam: $5.99). CEO's son reveals the almost overwhelming doubts he experienced as he followed in his father's footsteps.

IT'S NOT THE END OF THE EARTH, BUT YOU CAN SEE IT FROM HERE by Roger Welsch (Fawcett Crest: $9.95). Further escapades of author's neighbors featured on CBS's "Sunday Morning" segment, "Postcards from Nebraska."

CITIZEN JANE by Christopher Anderson (Dell: $4.99). Fonda has excelled in every incarnation: film ingenue, anti-war activist, fitness guru and--most recently--capitalist.


THE OUTLAWS OF MESQUITE by Louis L'Amour (Bantam: $4.50). Stories featuring pioneer men and women who squared off against some of the baddest guns in the West, from the most prolific deceased author in the business.

THE GOLDEN ORANGE by Joseph Wambaugh (Bantam: $5.99). Ex-cop collects an usual pension from the force: a bad back and his new girlfriend's old husbands.

MURDER IN THE ROSE GARDEN by Elliott Roosevelt (Avon: $4.95). The White House and its famous garden are the grounds for murder and Mrs. Roosevelt is determined to be the first to solve the crime.

THE PEREZ FAMILY by Christine Bell (HarperPerennial: $8.95). Cuban family is reunited through a comedy of errors when the father is boat-lifted to America after surviving 20 years in prison.

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