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June 16, 1991|Edited by Mary McNamara

Charlie Chaplin--man about town. Maybe it's because George Washington never made it out this way, but we've noticed that every other Realtor, bartender and restaurant owner in this city is simply dying to point out the apartment, office, cafe and hotel in which the Little Tramp tramped about. Here are a few "sitings," some authentic, some questionable:

* The Alexandria Hotel, at Fifth and Spring streets--Chaplin had a suite.

* The Cocoanut Grove night club, now but a memory, was a favored party spot.

* The now demolished Schwabs Pharmacy at Sunset and Crescent Heights boulevards--a prime hangout.

* Charles Chaplin studios, at 1416 N. La Brea Ave., now home of A & M Records.

* The Circle Theater, on El Centro Avenue in Hollywood, where he directed undiscovereds, including his son.

* Musso and Frank's, on Hollywood Boulevard--many a martini quaffed.

* The Montecito Inn, 1295 Coast Village Road, which he built and visited.

* Campanile, 624 S. La Brea Ave., allegedly the site of his office.

* The Chaplin /DeMille Design House, a Los Feliz mansion.

* The Guaranty Building on Hollywood Boulevard, another alleged office space.

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