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NEIGHBORS : Summer Camp : A 15-year-old clarinet and sax player from Thousand Oaks has won an Interlochen scholarship.


Literally speaking, Diana Bures likes to blow her own horn. These days, she has every right to.

The 15-year-old clarinet and sax player, a Thousand Oaks High School student, has won a scholarship to the prestigious Interlochen Music Camp in Interlochen, Mich. Only one student per state is offered the nearly $3,000 scholarship award. Diana will begin camp later this week.

Diana's reaction to the news? "It's totally exciting," she said. And she admits that she's pretty nervous. "So many people there are so good. If you're considered good out here, you might be considered mediocre out there."

Diana will be joined at camp by classmate Carol Oliver, a flutist from Thousand Oaks High.

More out-of-town activity: Mark (Hutch) Hutchenreuther of Oxnard will be off to Kansas City, Mo., next week to attend the annual gathering of Mensa--the international high-IQ society.

Figures to be pretty highbrow, huh? Guess again. For one thing, Hutchenreuther said, a key requirement in selecting a hotel to hold a Mensa convention is that the Mensans be allowed 24-hour access to the hot tub.

"I guess one misconception is that, well, all the discussions will be high-powered topics and at a high level. . . . That's not true," he said. "It usually ends up on sex, food, whatever."

One of the highlights of every annual convention is the Joke-off, a competition in which Hutchenreuther has done fairly well in the past. "The joke-offs are usually handled with a disclaimer," he said. "'If you're concerned about racist jokes or sexist jokes, leave now. It's no holds barred."'

Will he be participating this year? "A couple of glasses of wine and I'll be ready."

On Saturday evening, the winners of the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce Top 10 Community Awards will be announced. Well, actually, they've already been announced. It's just that the winners haven't been told in exactly what categories they won.

"We want to keep the suspense. It isn't as much fun if people know everything about it," said Rita Kraft, one of the organizers of Saturday's awards dinner-dance at Las Posas Country Club. "What we've done in the past is not even announce who the winners were, but then we had to try to get the people there without letting them know what was happening."

Of course, it's a good bet that the winners know if they are eligible for the Youth of the Year award as opposed to the Senior of the Year award, or the Woman of the Year award as opposed to the Man of the Year award.

One other oddity: This year's Camarillo Top 10 is, in fact, a group of nine people.

So what's new with Camarillo's own health nut, Gypsy Boots? You'll be sorry you asked.

A co-worker was listening to the Mark and Brian morning show on L. A. radio station KLOS last week. It seems the DJ duo was out in the parking lot with a group of fans playing a game with a cow.

The rules of the game are simple--it's sort of a bovine roulette. Numbers are placed on the ground and contestants choose a number. If the cow drops a patty, so to speak, on a contestant's number, the contestant wins.

Well, 80-year-old Boots, on hand for the event, apparently got carried away in the excitement and, um, picked up a clump of what would be the roulette ball and shoved it in his mouth. I called the radio station for a comment--and got several of them as I was transferred from department to department. They ranged from "It was rude, wasn't it?" to "Oh, my gosh!"

We're still trying to get ahold of Boots.

By the way, you may have noticed some signs around town promoting Boots' 81st birthday party Aug. 10. All the best, but I'll pass on the cake.

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