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Remove Rust Spots Before Painting Over Nail Holes

June 22, 1991|JOHN MORELL

Question: I replaced some wood siding outside our house last year, and now I've found rust stains coming from some of the nail holes on the paint. What can I do to get rid of them?


Garden Grove

A: "You're going to have to repaint the area, but first you'll have to take the surface rust off, with sandpaper or a wire brush," says Paul McCarter of Mr. Paint in Huntington Beach. "Then spot-prime the nailheads with a quick-drying oil base primer. Use a spray can primer, since using a brush to do it may be a little time-consuming. You can squirt those spots, let it dry for about two hours, then lightly touch up the spots."

Q: We have a beautiful bougainvillea that climbs around the fence in our front yard. Since becoming dormant in the winter, it hasn't bounced back with flowers and leaves. I've scratched the surface of the trunk, and it seems green underneath. Is there anything I can do to bring it back?


Seal Beach

A: "It could have been affected by the cold weather we had this winter," says Ted Mayeda of M & M Nursery in Orange. "It may have been set back so far that it's just taking it a long time to come back. Check your watering pattern too, since this is also a sign of overwatering. Bougainvillea are hot weather plants, and they don't have a great need for water, especially when they're dormant. Wait until it starts leafing before fertilizing as well. Just give it more time."

Q: We're interested in getting a doggie door for our cocker spaniel to get in and out of the back yard, but I'm concerned about security. How hard is it for a burglar to use one of them to get into the house?


Laguna Niguel

A: "There are some doors made that aren't very secure, so you've really got to look at them carefully and tell the salesperson your concerns," says Lisa Gomez of Collar & Leash Pet Shop in Garden Grove. "A good one will have a metal plate that covers up the flap when you lock up the house. Some cheaper models have plastic or PVC frames that can be easily kicked in. Just remember that you get what you pay for."

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