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Awash in Emotions

June 23, 1991|LIBBY SLATE | Libby Slate is a free-lance writer

Summer means sizzle on the daytime soaps, when producers and writers take advantage of the season's younger--and larger--audiences to present hot new romances, bring torrid twists to existing relationships and introduce dynamic new characters. Read on for a preview of coming attractions, which soapdom's creative forces hope will make the summer anything but dull.


Natalie and Trevor are desperate to finally tie the knot, but Natalie's plain sister Janet has other ideas. Can Ceara, who owes her life to Jeremy, ever become truly involved with him again, given her shaky emotional state? Erica is enjoying a no-strings-attached affair with young Charlie Brent; as complications arise, will she think with her head or her heart? Confirmed bachelor Jackson may be ready for a commitment, now that he has become deeply involved with Brooke and her baby. Adventures are in store for Pine Valley's newest "brat pack": Hayley, Brian and Terrence.


Carl faces a final, exciting jeopardy involving Kathleen and Cass. Cass must choose between Kathleen and Frankie, one of whom is pregnant. Trying to prevent the Marley-Jamie nuptials, Jake crashes the couple's engagement party, and later finds himself involved with Paulina in a love-hate relationship with surprising ramifications for the Cory family. Working as a private investigator, Frankie becomes closer to Ryan, causing problems in the latter's romance with Vicky. The music business is the backdrop for a new triangle: Jenna, Dean and Matt. Stacey and Michael begin an affair that Donna is determined to stop, even as she becomes involved with Grant and Ryan's father, Spencer. Rachel comes between Spencer and Donna. Sharlene and John are pitted against Taylor's innuendoes--even though Taylor is dead.


The revelation of Connor's secret means a turning point for Lucinda. Andy, Courtney, Paul, Tess and new characters Evan and Hutch will all experience romances. Two continuing plot lines: the investigation into Carolyn's murder and the Kim-Bob-Susan triangle. Frannie must choose between Darryl and Larry. Duncan and Jessica's interracial relationship elicits various reactions. There are complications in Kirk and Ellie's recent marriage. Lily and Holden discuss a fall wedding--but who knows?


Has Stephanie really lost her memory? Brooke, Ridge and Eric, caught in Stephanie's machinations, are headed for disaster. On their own, Ridge and Brooke are playing with fire. Clarke has no respite from his turbulent marriage, love life and career. Blake tries to recruit Brooke as an unwitting ally in his scheme to win back ex-wife Taylor, while Bill attempts to use Julie to bring down Clarke. Personal and professional pressures split Macy and Thorne up. Can Felicia and Jake resolve their differences? Sally's pregnancy gives rise to some outrageous doings.


Jack and Jennifer must overcome a unique obstacle if their planned wedding is to come off; a mystery man tries to disrupt their relationship. Bo and Carly's relationship continues to grow, though he does not want her to know he is dying. Jack, Jennifer and Shane work toward convicting Lawrence of rape.


Mac becomes romantically involved with new character Dominque. Robert and Anna's new marriage evolves into a sophisticated "Mr. and Mrs. North"-type relationship. The cartel brings great danger to a number of leading characters. There will be a new character, unnamed at press time, who is the son of a character the show never knew he had. Another new character, a musician, brings contemporary sounds to Port Charles. Bill, Lucy and Scotty will be involved in a murder mystery, as will a newly introduced bevy of university students.


Roger suffers a downfall. New character Julie Camaletti, A.C.'s sister, falls in love with Hart. They will be a star-crossed pair, though, as there is no love lost between A.C. and Hart's father, Roger. Mo and Ed have their hands full with recently arrived niece Bridget. Complications arise with Bridget's attraction to Dylan. There will also be two surprise couplings.

"LOVING"(ABC, 11:30 a.m.)

Two new teen-agers, a girl who is a member of the Rescott family and a boy discovered by Louie and who appears to be homeless, become involved in an unusual situation. Many of the main characters become suspects in a murder mystery. Ava's love story brings her passion with a twist.


Several couples experience obstacles to their growing togetherness: Kevin and Stephanie, a la "Romeo and Juliet," fight their families; Max and Lee Ann are also threatened by a family hindrance; Bo and Cassie must deal with Alex, who will stop at nothing to win Bo for herself. Du Ann's deceitful blackmail plan goes awry, with repercussions for the Buchanans.

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