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Criticism Springs Up on Editor's Water Use

June 23, 1991

The unmitigated gall of Smaus is beyond belief in the article about his garden. He brags about being the biggest water user on the block and flaunts his 480 gallons per day.

His temerity was not in checking with DWP. The real bravado was in writing this snide article in the first place.

As for his parental pride in "the three teen-agers who can spend most of the morning in the shower," let's hope there is another episode in which we hear of some parental discipline, starting with, "You have five minutes to shower or I'm coming in and dragging you out."

Smaus owes a public apology to all the Southern Californians who are really trying to conserve water. And reference to his little $1.95 sprinkler is hypocrisy at its height.

After the apology, let's hear about his plans to do over his garden with water-saving plants.

Just maybe his neighbors, after reading the article, will make us all feel better and run a cultivator through this water gulping yard. We leave the selfish kids to his devices.



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