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A Corny Idea for the Summer

June 27, 1991|BEV BENNETT | Bennett is food editor of the Chicago Sun-Times and the author of four cookbooks

As sure as corn hits the market every summer, there's an argument over the best way to cook it.

Even though I'm a Midwesterner who should know about such things, I don't make a big deal over corn cooking. I just put it in a pot of cold water and bring it to a boil; then it's done.

But I do know people who soak corn in milk or put sugar in the water or even grow their own stalks alongside the garage to assure themselves a perfect ear of corn.

The most recent corn-cooking tip to come my way was from Lynn Tolley, great-grandniece of Jack Daniel and a well-known cook. She recommended cooking bacon-wrapped corn on the grill.

It's a slow process--though less so than growing your own--and having tried it, it's one that I heartily endorse.


2 ears corn in husks

2 strips bacon


Carefully pull back husks from corn. Discard silk and put husks back in place. Soak corn with husks in pot cold water 30 minutes. Remove corn from water. Pull back husks and wrap each ear in bacon strip. Pull husks up to loosely cover bacon.

Place corn on grill grid, over ash-covered coals. Cover grill and cook corn 30 minutes, turning once. Remove corn from grill. Remove husks. If bacon is crisp (and it should be), eat with corn (if it remains soggy or burned, discard). Season to taste with salt. Makes 2 servings.

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