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Cities to Use Reclaimed Water for Irrigation

June 27, 1991

Officials from Glendale and Los Angeles took part in ground-breaking ceremonies Tuesday for a long-awaited pipeline that will carry reclaimed water to irrigate Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale.

The 2.2-mile pipeline will annually save almost 100 million gallons of drinking water now used on cemetery landscaping, city officials said.

The reclaimed water will come from a nearby sewage treatment plant owned by Glendale and Los Angeles.

The project, expected to be completed in October, originated in Glendale. It was delayed when Los Angeles officials asked for a pipeline with greater capacity and agreed to help fund it.

Los Angeles officials plan to extend the Forest Lawn line so they can use reclaimed water to irrigate Elysian Park and other areas of central Los Angeles.

Health officials say reclaimed water is safe for irrigation and some industrial uses.

Glendale plans to spend about $20 million over the next four years to bring reclaimed water to parks and other public areas, said Michael Hopkins, Glendale public service director.

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