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Walk of Fame Adding 22

June 27, 1991

Frankie Avalon, Mary Tyler Moore and Jimi Hendrix are among the 22 entertainers and musicians who will receive stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this year, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced.

The chamber described the recipients as being among the world's top entertainers in motion pictures, television, recording, live theater and radio. They were chosen from about 200 nominees by the chamber's five-member Walk of Fame Committee in a meeting held last week.

Sponsors of each 1991-92 Walk of Fame recipient must pay $4,800 to the chamber, to help cover the cost of the brass and terrazzo star, the ceremony in which the star is dedicated and other costs. To date, 1,935 stars have been dedicated, with 575 available spots remaining along Hollywood Boulevard and other Hollywood streets.

This year's recipients are:

Motion Pictures: Avalon, Louis Gossett Jr., Tom Hanks, George Kennedy, Dean Stockwell, Bruce Lee (posthumous), and Dr. Clarence Muse (posthumous).

Television: Moore, Debbie Allen, Peter Falk, Jester Hairston, Nichelle Nichols, and Edward James Olmos.

Recording: Hendrix, Tex Beneke, Chicago, Dizzy Gillespie, and Donna Summer.

Live Theater: Brock Peters and John Raitt.

Radio: Jim Healy and Bill Keene.

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