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Media Repeat Tale About Atlantic City

June 30, 1991

We have recently received a copy of the article by Josh Getlin describing Atlantic City and the urban challenges we are addressing ("The Big Gamble," May 23).

The story, which we call the "tale of two cities" whenever it appears, is a story we see in the media often. While it certainly is accurate with the photos and comments quoted, it nevertheless does not tell the whole story.

First of all, Atlantic City is a community that has faced the same urban challenges every major city across the nation has faced and still faces.

In our case, however, the introduction of the gaming industry has generated more than 65,000 new jobs, $60 million annually in local and state taxes, and a yet-to-be-spent fund of more than $600 million to fix up and restore Atlantic City. This is probably the largest single private sector-generated fund for public purposes anywhere in the country.

Atlantic City already rates first nationally in the number of public housing units built per capita in the 1980s.

If Getlin had spent additional time in the neighborhood depicted by your photograph, he would have found many buildings in that dilapidated state coming down and brand-new housing units going up.

We are, for obvious reasons, disappointed that your photograph did not show the new housing that has been built in that area with the casinos in the background.

STEPHEN B. RICHER, President, Greater Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Bureau

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