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Los Angeles City Hall Journal

July 04, 1991|LEE HARRIS

A summary of significant Los Angeles City Hall decisions affecting the Westside in the last week.


* STREET CLOSING: Approved a request by Councilwoman Ruth Galanter to close Linden Avenue from Rialto Court to Nowita Court today from 2 to 6 p.m. for a July 4 block party.

* HISTORIC BUNGALOWS: Councilman Michael Woo introduced a motion to establish a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone that would protect a group of bungalows in Spaulding Square in Hollywood. The bungalows were home to silent film stars and directors in the 1920s. The proposal was sent to the Arts, Health and Humanities Committee for consideration.


* FUEL TANK: Ordered owners to remove an abandoned underground fuel tank from the front of their property at 7021 Hollywood Blvd., where a three-story apartment building is under construction.

* TREES: Approved a policy that property owners building driveways requiring the removal of a tree must contact the Bureau of Engineering before starting the construction. A permit must be obtained from the Bureau of Street Maintenance, Street Tree Division, to remove or relocate a tree. Trees that are removed must be replaced.

* WALK OF FAME: Approved a request to place the name of the pop music group, the 5th Dimension, along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The dedication to install the group's star in the sidewalk in front of the Roosevelt Hotel is scheduled for Aug. 9 at 10:30 a.m.


* RACIST LANGUAGE: Approved a report on discriminatory language or images in the work area that included a recommendation that the Police Department amend its personnel manual to stress employee and supervisor responsibilities in maintaining a discriminatory-free workplace. The report was sent to the Human Resources and Labor Relations Committee. The City Council is expected to take final action on the report.


* NOISE ABATEMENT: Approved a resolution to continue providing $5 million annually to local government jurisdictions to use for the federal noise reduction program for areas near Los Angeles International Airport.


* HUNGER COUNCIL: Approved the creation of a nine-member Volunteer Advisory Council on Hunger. The mayor will appoint three members, the council president three and the general manager of the Community Development Department three. The hunger council's duties will include holding hearings on the scope of the city's hunger problem.

Voting yes: Marvin Braude, John Ferraro, Nate Holden, Joel Wachs, Michael Woo and Zev Yaroslavsky.

* APPOINTMENT: Approved the appointment of Anthony De Los Reyes to the Board of Police Commissioners, replacing Daniel P. Garcia, who resigned.

Voting yes: Braude, Ferraro, Ruth Galanter, Holden, Wachs, Woo and Yaroslavsky.

* ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Approved recommendations asking city government to encourage the use of electric vehicles by the public, especially employees and tenants of city buildings. Also asked the DWP to consider providing incentives, including rebates, for those using the vehicles.

Voting yes: Braude, Ferraro, Galanter, Holden, Wachs, Woo and Yaroslavsky.

* CLEAN AIR: Approved a motion by Councilman Braude to support charging additional motor vehicle registration fees by the South Coast Air Quality Management District to be used in reducing air pollution.

Voting yes: Braude, Ferraro, Galanter, Holden, Wachs, Woo and Yaroslavsky.

* OFFICERS: Reelected John Ferraro council president and Marvin Braude council president pro tempore.

Voting yes: Braude, Ferraro, Galanter, Holden, Wachs, Woo and Yaroslavsky.

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