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Facts, Figures and Reactions : What the Commission Did

July 10, 1991|Times editorial researcher Tracy Thomas

The 10-member Christopher Commission, with a staff of 50 lawyers and 60 accountants, in April set out to investigate the Los Angeles Police Department's use of force in the wake of the Rodney G. King beating.

The commission members and staff worked for 100 days, analyzing more than 1 million pages of documents and interviewing expert witnesses, community representatives as well as Los Angeles police officers.

The investigation, which produced the 228-page report released Tuesday, also included:

Testimony from 50 expert witnesses in 16 executive sessions and from more than 150 private citizens and community organizations in five public hearings.

Interviews with more than 300 current and former LAPD officers, including more than 50 homosexual officers.

Interviews with more than 120 present and former city, county and other government officials and with government and police department officials from other cities and states.

Computerized studies of the LAPD's "use of force" reports and citizens' complaints.

Review of the Mobile Digital Transmissions of patrol cars for six months.

Examination of 103 settlements in excessive force lawsuits.

Review of more than 8,000 letters and 100 telephone interviews with members of the public.

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