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What's True and What's Not?

July 11, 1991| Responses gathered by Claudine Ko at South Coast Plaza and Irvine Marketplace. and

Many people are stereotyped by their style of dress, where they live or how they look. Teen-agers are often automatically stereotyped just because they're teens.

Older folks may have their preconceptions of teen-agers, but teens aren't all the irresponsible, sex-crazed, drug-addicted, alcoholic delinquents they're often made out to be.

Hot Topics asks, "What is the biggest misconception about teen-agers today?"

"Teen-age boys only think about sex."

Patrick Lim, 16, junior, University

"All teen-agers drink."

Mandy Anvaripour, 17, senior, University

"Teen-agers don't know how to drive."

Karen Hansen, 16, junior, University

"Teen-agers party and don't know how to think clearly."

Cathy Clarke, 17, senior, University

"Teen-agers are apathetic, over-materialistic walking hormones."

Tina Takagi, 16, senior, University

"Teens only think about 'sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.' "

Sheri Nagasugi, 16, junior, Villa Park

"People exaggerate the drug problem; teens are better than most people think."

James Hwang, 16, junior, University

"That all we care about is going out, drinking and shopping."

Zaida Zepeda, 16, junior, Santa Ana Valley

"We don't think about our responsibilities, we just think about ourselves."

Claudia Hernandez, 16, junior, Los Amigos

"Teens can't make decisions by themselves; we think illogically."

Danielle Wiedlin, 17, senior, Woodbridge

"Older people think that all teens are into sex and drugs."

Jennifer Andrews, 16, senior, Edison

"All minority teens are into crime and gangs."

Andrea Javier, 18, senior, Irvine

"Most teens do drugs."

Melissa Vo, 18, senior, Costa Mesa

"Teens don't take anything seriously."

Kerry Shea, 17, senior, University

"All teens are bad drivers."

Julie Alvarado, 16, senior, University

"Teen-agers are too trendy and materialistic."

Eric Newton, 16, senior, Dana Hills

"All teen-agers are reckless drivers."

Pei-Yun Chu, 17, senior, University

"Teens are slack-offs and all we like to do is party."

Paige Lin, 16, junior, University

"Teen-agers can't be trusted."

Jeanette Lin, 13, freshman, University

"Everybody does drugs and is really sexually promiscuous."

Kristy Livesey, 16, sophomore, Fountain Valley

"All teens today have no respect for their elders and can't think for themselves."

James Chun, 17, senior, University

"Grown-ups always think teens are into themselves, like their images and appearances, but that's not really true. A lot of teens I know are interested in global issues."

Margaret Lee, 16, junior, University

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