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Getting Rid of Hussein

July 19, 1991

A Times opinion poll ("Holiday Pride Tempered by Ongoing Concerns About Hussein," July 4), stated: "75% said Iraq's leader remains a threat."

President Bush may have given Hussein a "black eye" in Desert Storm, but Bush did not deliver the "knockout punch."

There is no reason to doubt that given time, Babylon will rise again out of the ashes in the form of modern-day Iraq.

Once it becomes the center of world trade and commerce in the region, we may all one day live to regret it.

Bush may have won a battle. But when you consider all things, who really has won the war?

Commerce, not military might, may one day prove to be a mightier foe, as it has with postwar Japan.

In a few more years, we may all be asking ourselves, "Where's George?"



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