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July 21, 1991

THE DARK ROMANCE OF DIAN FOSSEY by Harold T. P. Hayes (Touchstone: $10.95). Zoologist's tenacious will to save the African mountain gorillas may have led to her mysterious death in 1984.

FOR THE DEFENSE by Ellis Rubin and Dary Matera (St. Martin's: $5.99). Attorney Rubin, a courtroom maverick, has established several unprecedented defenses, including "Television Intoxication" and "The Battered Wife Syndrome."

THE LIFE AND DEATH OF A DRUID PRINCE by Ann Ross and Don Robins (Touchstone: $10.95). Scientists use forensic technology to reconstruct the life of a Celtic man buried in a peat bog 2,000 years ago.

AS I SAW IT by Dean Rusk as told to Richard Rusk, edited by Daniel S. Papp (Penguin: $12.95). Secretary of state under Kennedy and Johnson offers a candid memoir of his Calvinist boyhood and his political career.


LADY BOSS by Jackie Collins (Pocket: $5.95). Lucky Santangelo, heroine of two previous novels, takes center stage again when she purchases a Hollywood studio.

DOGEATERS by Jessica Hagedorn (Penguin: $8.95). Roman a clef focusing on Rios, a Philippine woman whose arrival on American shores rekindles nightmares of her homeland under an avaricious dictator.

GOING WRONG by Ruth Rendell (Warner: $4.99). Nouveau riche English drug dealer isn't going to let anyone stop him from reuniting with his high school sweetheart--not even members of her family.

THE FIRST MAN IN ROME by Colleen McCullough (Avon: $6.95). Citizenry of the republic cries out for relief from a government rooted in nepotism, gluttony and chicanery.

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