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A summary of significant Los Angeles City Hall decisions affecting the Westside in the last week. : CITY COUNCIL

July 25, 1991|LEE HARRIS

BEVERLY HILLS ANNEXATION: Approved a plan to allow 10 Los Angeles residents to annex their homes to Beverly Hills. The owners claim the homes on Hillgreen Drive near Century City are inaccessible to Los Angeles emergency vehicles, placing residents in a life-threatening situation. The city of Beverly Hills has not taken any formal action.

CLEANUP: Approved spending $3,000 to clean up an empty lot at Western Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard and plant shrubs and bushes. A Metro Rail station is planned for the corner site.

STREET CLOSURE: Approved the temporary closing of Verdun Avenue between 62nd and 63rd streets Aug. 3 from noon to 8 p.m. for a block party for People United, Neighbors Caring and Helping, a Neighborhood Watch group.

CRUISING: Approved action to stop cruising along Crenshaw Boulevard. "No Stopping," and "Tow-Away," signs will be posted along the boulevard from 76th Street to Jefferson Boulevard from 6 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday and 6 p.m. Aug. 4 to 6 a.m. Aug. 5.


APPOINTMENTS: Approved the mayor's appointment of Josephine Ramirez as a commissioner to the Cultural Affairs Board. Ramirez replaces Linda Griego, who was appointed to the Community Redevelopment Agency. Julie A. Sgarzi was reappointed a commissioner to the Cultural Affairs Board. Ramirez and Sgarzi must be confirmed by the council, which has approved Griego's appointment.


DISCOUNT TAXI RIDE: Approved an urgency ordinance allowing taxicab companies to offer discounts up to 50% on fares to military personnel who served in the Persian Gulf War. The discounts will be offered for six months. The request came from the Bell Cab Co. The mayor's office must give final approval. Passed: 12-0.

Voting yes: Marvin Braude, John Ferraro, Ruth Galanter, Joel Wachs, Michael Woo and Zev Yaroslavsky. Nate Holden was absent.

REWARDS: Asked the city attorney to prepare an ordinance that will prohibit journalists and others who serve in the public interest from collecting rewards from the city for information leading to the arrest and conviction of criminals. The council action came after a local TV reporter received a $25,000 reward. Two suspects in the shooting death of a Los Angeles police officer surrendered to the journalist. Passed: 11-0.

Voting yes: Braude, Galanter, Wachs, Woo and Yaroslavsky. Ferraro and Holden were absent.

CATERING TRUCKS: Approved an amendment to an ordinance regulating catering trucks that limits parking time to 30 minutes in residential areas. The vehicles can remain in commercial areas one hour. Passed: 9-4

Voting yes: Braude, Galanter, Holden and Yaroslavsky.

Voting no: Wachs and Woo.

APPOINTMENT: Approved the mayor's appointment of Lydia Kennard to the city Planning Commission. Kennard replaces commissioner William R. Christopher, who resigned. The term ends June 30, 1993. Christopher has been appointed to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Passed: 13-1.

Voting yes: Braude, Ferraro, Galanter, Holden, Wachs, Woo and Yaroslavsky. 1

HAZARDOUS WASTE: Accepted a $100,000 check from Union Oil Co. of California to help pay for citywide roundup of household hazardous-waste products, including pesticides, paints and motor oil. Nine roundups are planned. The company will contribute $100,000 to each event. The first one will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Aug. 3 at Exposition Park, parking lot 2, Vermont Avenue and 39th Street. Passed: 12-1.

Voting yes: Braude, Ferraro, Galanter, Holden, Wachs, Woo and Yaroslavsky.

VOLUNTEER FIREMEN: Approved a motion asking the city administrative officer and the Los Angeles Fire Department to prepare a report on the feasibility of developing a citizen volunteer Fire Department similar to the Los Angeles Police Department's volunteer reserve program. Passed: 14-0.

Voting yes: Braude, Ferraro, Galanter, Holden, Wachs, Woo and Yaroslavsky.

FARMERS MARKET: The council took final action designating the Farmers Market, 3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue, as a historic-cultural monument. The council action follows its earlier approval to allow the owners to build a shopping center around the existing open-air market. The historic-cultural designation includes the original market, the Gilmore Adobe, the Farmers Market Dell Clock and the company office. Passed: 12-0.

Voting yes: Braude, Ferraro, Holden, Wachs, Woo and Yaroslavsky. Galanter was absent.

ROOSEVELT HOTEL: The council also took final action designating the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and pool as a historic-cultural monument. Passed: 12-0.

Voting yes: Braude, Ferraro, Holden, Wachs, Woo and Yaroslavsky. Galanter was absent.


APARTHEID: The council will be asked to reaffirm its economic sanctions against South Africa. Woo has introduced a motion requesting the council to continue the sanctions against the country. Many aspects of apartheid has been abolished, but many, including not allowing blacks to vote, still remain, Woo said.

SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER: The council will discuss a proposal by Yaroslavsky to name the southeast corner of Pico Boulevard and Roxbury Drive the Simon Wiesenthal Plaza in honor of the Los Angeles-based Holocaust research center.

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