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Palm Latitudes


July 28, 1991|Edited by Mary McNamara

Meters, meters everywhere and nary a place to park. There are 34,000 parking meters in Los Angeles proper, hundreds of thousands in the county. Some of them even accept dimes and the occasional nickel. But none of them is what one would call cheap. Here's a random sampling of what a quarter will get you, time-wise, about town:

--Beverly Hills (Beverly Drive): 15 minutes

--Beverly Hills (Rodeo Drive): 15 minutes

--Downtown (Spring Street): 20 minutes

--East Los Angeles (Brooklyn Avenue): 30 minutes

--Echo Park (lot on Echo Park Avenue): one hour

--Hollywood (Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street): 30 minutes

--Santa Monica (15th Street): 26 minutes

--Silver Lake (Hyperion Avenue): one hour

--Studio City (Tujunga Avenue, south of Moorpark Street): one hour

--Sunset Strip: 20 minutes

--Venice (Washington Boulevard at the beach): 15 mins.

--Westwood (Santa Monica Boulevard): 30 minutes

But if you're feeling really flush, swing by UCLA, where a quarter will buy you, that's right, 7 1/2 minutes. As if tuition wasn't high enough.

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